why can’t I commit to one career idea?

-I’m too lazy to even think about the idea of working

-I can’t mentally deal with people

-I don’t have patience with people

-I have ADD and cannot do one thing

-I hate standing/walking



Beauty Inspiration

He told her she was beautiful, She laughed and asked how. When there is a crack on her front tooth And wrinkles between the brow. But she didn’t knew she was a ocean Having a whole beautiful world inside, Trying to look beautiful and blue But he clearly knows what she hides. It breaks his […]

via She is all beautiful inside. — theguywithbrownmustache

What’s the Scoop on Face Brighteners/Lighteners?

They sell them everywhere. In department stores and drugstores. I myself have a dark spot corrector lotion as well as a detoxifying “white radiance” face mask where it says it little letters on the back that it is meant for “sun-damaged and hyper-pigmentation”, a vague term if I ever saw one. When I bought this I didn’t even know that it was supposed to lighten the face. These products meant to lighten the skin are too easily accessible in my opinion. (My face has become one or two shades lighter as a result) I did however, buy the dark spot corrector to help fade my acne scars. Continue reading

New Years Resolutions & How To Make Them Stick.

In order for a new years resolution to be more successful, you must first plan it out.

My New Years Resolution? To write more often. Lets all be honest here in saying that the most difficult part of resolutions is our laziness. Our willingness to change our habits. Are you actually willing to make a change? Is this a idea or a plan?

Lets make it easier on ourselves. Make a (realistic) plan. For me, writing this plan down holds me accountable.

Writing More Often Plan (Consistent Blog Time)

  1. I will set aside time to write once a day, from after dinner(6:30) until I have to get ready for bed(8:00)
  2. I will keep my computer charged. A dead laptop is an excuse that will keep myself from writing
  3. I will take pictures for my blog, meaning that I will pack my tablet in my bag on Fridays to take to Cosmetology Class.
  4. I will reward myself when I blog.* A reward is different for everybody. My reward will be to treat myself to a snack after a consistent week of blogging.
  5. I will give myself rest days. Too much of anything isn’t good. I’ll give myself a day or two for a break.

*Rewarding someone for doing is psychological trick to get the brain to associate the habit with a positive feeling. Rewarding yourself also provides a feeling of accomplishment which will encourage you toward your goal.

So that’s it! These are tips to help keep those resolutions, as well as my personal resolution. What are your resolutions? How do you plan to keep them?