What’s the Scoop on Face Brighteners/Lighteners?

They sell them everywhere. In department stores and drugstores. I myself have a dark spot corrector lotion as well as a detoxifying “white radiance” face mask where it says it little letters on the back that it is meant for “sun-damaged and hyper-pigmentation”, a vague term if I ever saw one. When I bought this I didn’t even know that it was supposed to lighten the face. These products meant to lighten the skin are too easily accessible in my opinion. (My face has become one or two shades lighter as a result) I did however, buy the dark spot corrector to help fade my acne scars.My question is, are these even safe to use? I’m honestly not sure that I like my face lighter, especially not in the summer time. I had researched this before and found out that the US regulates hydroquinone, the chemical that reduces melanin in the skin, while other countries do not.

Other products can lighten the face as well, naturally and with less harm to the skin. These safer alternatives are the ones most often found in beauty products. I understand that some people like the look of having lighter skin for cosmetic purposes, yet I don’t think they should be made so available that I am lightening my skin without realizing it. I wish this was prescribed by an esthetician or someone else that took the time to research what effect these products would have on my skin.

What do you guys think? Comment below!


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