Haircut Tips for Face Shapes

Face Shapes

Each person is unique, as well as their face. Is your face square-shaped, or does it look more round? Is it heart or pear shaped? Is it oval, or is it narrower, taking on a more oblong shape?

The Ideal Face Shape


Jessica Alba has an oval face shape, which is the ideal face shape, as it is the most proportionately balanced. (note: this is not always the most important aspect and other factors may come in to play). Any haircut will look good with this face shape. For other face shapes, specific haircuts (and contouring with make-up) can give the illusion of an oval face shape.

Common Types



Melina Kanakaredes has an Oblong face shape. Her curly hair provides balance as it longer than her chin. Short bobs stopping at the jawline should be avoided.



*face with a noticeably defined jaw with sharp-cornered forehead.

I seem to have more of a square shaped face, so I would get a haircut that would make my forehead look more rounded. Typically, you would get forehead or side bang, but if you really don’t want the hassle, you should go for more volume on the sides of your face to soften the corners of your face.



A Rectangular shaped face is similar to an oblong face except it has more corners (a lot like the square-shaped face). This face shape could really pull off bangs as well. Should avoid haircuts cropped close to the jawline.



The Round Face Shape is characterized by the width of the face being the same as the length of the face. Side bangs look great on this face shape. A short bob will make the face appear longer and more oval. I would also avoid excessive volume at the sides.

Less Common Types


The triangular or pear face shape is characterized by a wide jaw and a narrow forehead. This face shape with a bang, makes the forehead seem wider, which is good as it gives balance to the face. I would also recommend volume at the top to balance out the bottom half.

Diamond (Rare)


Kareena Kapoor (Indian Actress) has a diamond face shape. This flattering face shape has a hairline that comes to a point as well as a distinct pointed chin. This face shape should avoid bangs as it will make the forehead appear proportionately smaller.

Inverted Triangle


Agelina Jolie has a triangular shaped face which is marked by a noticeably wide forehead and a small delicate chin. Volume at the sides of the face will bring balance to the face. Bangs cut straight across will also help to create balance.



Reese Witherspoon has a heart shaped face, which is very similar to the Inverted Triangle shaped face (Notice the wide forehead and the pointed chin).  The only difference is the widow’s peak. See Inverted Triangle for haircut suggestions.







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